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Quit Smoking Support – How Necessary It Is?

Quit Smoking Support – How Necessary It Is?Smoking is highly addictive and once it becomes a habit it is very difficult to get rid of for a number of reasons. Quit smoking support usually acts as a back up system that ensures that the smokers have the most conducive atmosphere possible for getting rid of the habit. What Does Quit Smoking Support Do For You?

Actually, the rate of success that smokers meet with when deciding to kick off the habit very much depends upon the quality of quit smoking support they receive.

1.    Family members – the first and the most intense quit smoking support comes from your immediate family such as your spouse, siblings, parents, etc. Once you make your decision known, they would rally to help you stay focused. Their support inside the home and outside is often critical to your success.

2.    Professional counseling – this is another very important quit smoking support that helps you understand the process and advises how to fight some of the worst withdrawal symptoms. Most people hate the withdrawal symptoms so much that they rather choose to continue smoking than to continue experiencing them. The counseling inputs would prepare you mentally for this and thus increase your ability to recognize and fight it.

3.    Quit smoking aids – it is possible to quit smoking cold turkey and many people do just that. However, for this method you need to have nerves of steel and an even stronger will power. Why not use some of the excellent quit smoking aids as your quit smoking support. This would help reduce the withdrawal symptoms, while at the same time prevent the craving for nicotine.

4.    Plan B - a good strategist would always have a stand-by plan – just in case the original plan fails. Here, you could take the example of the popular adage, ‘Use a thief to catch a thief’. Just so, you could have something else to substitute your addiction to smoking; something that is not harmful to your health – such as chewing gum, no-nicotine cigarettes, peppermint mouth fresheners, clove, cardamom, etc. This quit smoking support can reduce the urge to reach out for a cigarette and ensure your success in beating the habit.

5.    Medication – another very important quit smoking support is the medication you may need to ward off and/ or prevent some of the more unpleasant side effects of the exercise. Consult with your family doctor before you start the quit smoking process so you would have the prescribed medicines ready when you need them.


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